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Alladin’s Market, San Mateo. Food platters of perfection.

DSC05446I had the reception for my wedding last week.

When we chose the food, we had three requirements: it had to be vegan, it had to be delicous, and it had to be cheap. I fed 60 people for under $200. (Desert was extra, and will be forthcoming in another post)


Ethnic food, and ethnic markets are usually very good places to be vegan. Why? Because western cuisine has been built on meat, eggs, and milk for a very long time, in part due to the West’s greater prosperity, in part due to the opportunities that geography has provided, and in part because if you don’t know how to cook, making a palatable meal is easier if you just use animal products.

So, hie thee to your nearest Arabic food store. We will be providing recipes for our favourites, shortly. Or, if you can’t be arsed, just pick up a platter like we did: they are delicous.