sshot-28We love seitan. We worship it. Each night we slave over a luke warm stove, waving spatulas and bits of broccoli over a dinged and burnt out wok. (Strictly speaking, seitan only makes the occasional, passing entrance, but it >was< a good title for a vegan recipe blog.)

This blog intends to be a set of straightforward vegan recipes with the occasional elaboration and extravagance). We are busy like you: the emphasis will be on meals so simple to make that we could blog them while we cooked, with the occasional aside when we find a nice new restaurant, bit of news, or want to discuss a particularly interesting ingredient that you we wish to bring to your attention.

It is intended for people interested in vegan cooking that are not interested in elaborate ingredient hunts at health food stores and hours and hours of preparation before each meal. And other people who like good food.