Delicous breakfast toffin.
It’s tough to get a good breakfast in. There’s never any time to cook.

So Kate invented Toffins: tofu muffins. Minature keishes, essentially, with bits of sausage, onion and spinach. A nice dose of protein and greens, and easy to toss in the microwave when you are half asleep in the morning. I usually top them with hot sauce, and, along with a nice big cup of coffee, they make a good (and quick) breakfast.

They also freeze well: we put half a batch in the fridge, and half a batch in the freezer to thaw when we run out.

  • Large Red Onion
  • Pack of breakfast sausages, or bacon, or home made seitan.
  • Spinach, 1 bunch
  • Two 14 oz packages of tofu, drained
  • 2 cups of nutritional yeast
  • 2 cups of chopped brown mushrooms
  • Two bags of Daiya Cheese
  • 3 Jalapenos, sliced.
  • 3 tsp Sage
  • 3 tsp Thyme (Rosemary is good too)
  • 3 tsp Oregano
  • 3 tsp Garlic Powder
  • Braggs (or soy sauce, in a desperate pince)
  1. Chop mushroom in a food processor, and set aside. This is probably a good time to set aside the tofu to drain, if you haven’t already.

    Finely chopped mushrooms.

    Finely chopped. I had to use white ones – there were no brown ones at the store 🙁

  2. Dice onions, cook over medium with olive oil or coconut oil until browned, set aside.
    Browned onions
  3. Crumble fake bacon or breakfast sausages, or cook, then crumble and set aside.
    Chopped up breakfast sausages.
  4. Cook up the spinach. This is an important improvement here: it’s pretty much solved the ‘too wet’ problem I had earlier.
  5. Crumble the tofu into the food processor. Put in the nutritional yeast, spinach, a few squirts of braggs, the sage, thyme, oregano, garlic powder.
    NOTE: It’s important that this mixture doesn’t get too wet, or the toffins won’t stick together well, I’ve made a bunch of batches that were rather fall-y apart-y, because I didn’t drain the tofu well enough, or the spinach was just washed and I didn’t shake the water enough off the leaves. (Of course, they were still good to eat 🙂 ) This is essentially the only ‘tricky’ bit in the recipe. The mixture will be moist, but firm enough to hold a bit of texture, like in the picture below (click to enlarge it). Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: more nutritional yeast. If you find that your mixture is too wet,  just add a more nutritional yeast bit by bit, until it gets to a texture that you want.

    This is what you should get. Be careful it isn't too wet

    This is what you should get. Be careful it isn’t too wet. But DOH! I forgot to add the spinach. Your toffins should be significantly greener than this.

  6. In a large bowl, mix in the mushrooms, onions, fakin bacon and one bag of the cheese.
    Mix of all the ingredients
  7. Preheat over to 350 degrees.
  8. Coat each muffin tin cup generously with coconut oil. (Not just a quick spray: The bottoms of the toffins will then have a chance to brown into a firm crunchy coating.) Spoon in the mixture to fill the cups completely. Top with the other bag of Daiya and the jalapeno slices.
  9. Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until the cheese on top is bubbly and melted.
  • Make sure to strain the tofu, or the mixture can get too liquid to cook and solidify.

Essentially, a whole bunch of tiny tofu keishes. So, like a keish, put in whatever you think will go in.

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