Trader Joe’s pulled chicken sandwich.

Chik'n n BeerMmm. Trader Joes.

This place, all told, is not a bad place to be vegan. Especially if you have no patience with cooking. Or rather, especially if you have no patience with cooking. So many good prepared foods, you’ll never cook again. Unless you count microwaving and making toast as ‘cooking’.

Now, by all rights, I should be starting this series of posts regarding TJ’s fine selection of vegan delights with Tofutti’s “Better than Cream Cheese” spread, because 1)It’s been available for donkey’s years, and 2)It’s better than cream cheese, which is quite a feat.

However, in front of me is the remnants of a “Chickenless Pulled Chicken” Sandwich, along with the remnants of a can of 50 cent of “Simpler Times” lager – which I’m almost more excited about than the sandwich. Calling it the Charles Shaw of beers is almost an understatement. But no matter – go grab some of both (fake chicken and the beer) – the sell out a lot around here.

I won’t insult you with a ‘recipe’ for something that spent 5 minutes in the microwave and toaster. I will, however, remind you to slather your toasty bread with earth balance fake butter (also from TJs) for maximum flavoury goodness.

If you insist on a recipe, I’m sure there are plenty among the thousands of others all espousing the jerky chickeny goodness. Suffice to say: it takes five minutes to make, it microwaves well, and it goes well with beer. (Please note, the lager’s in cans: the bottles of Pilsner, not quite the same level of deliciousness).

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