Aslam’s Rasoi

Aslam\'s Rasoi Went there for dinner a few nights ago. Good stuff! They have put a little sharpie mark next to all the Vegan options on the menu. We asked for spicy, we got spicy (though keep in mind, we don’t eat much cards these days – that’s worth a post of it’s own.) It’s good to see that SF restaurants are coming round to proper spice levels these days.
Blurry shot of dinner The pricing is ok, about $10 a plate-ish for the non-meat stuff. They gave us a take home menu (which, as I look at now, is certainly out of date – one of the dishes we had isn’t on this), which had the chef’s resume on the back with picture of the chef looking all jolly and wearing cooking medals (he’s the former head chef of the Indian Oven) Kind of funny, but made sense, considering the how many awards he seems to have won. This is now my favourite mission indian place.

It’s on the next block over from the Herbivore and Dosa, and I’d recomend it over either these days, not that either are a poor choice, but Dosa’s portions seem to shrink every time we go there, and our last forays to Herbivore have left us underwhelmed.

Aslam Rasoi’s yelp page.

Aslam Rasoi’s home page.

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