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Beef, Greens and Hot Cock Sauce

Beef Sriracha

A Simple one for you: Trader Joe’s Fake Beef, Greens, Onions Broccoli and Sriracha “Hot Cock” sauce (or your preferred hot sauce). Yes, yes. Everyone I know calls it hot cock sauce. It’s got a big cock on the bottle. [BTW, if you click on any of the pictures, you can see a bigger version.]

hot cock sauce

hot cock sauce

BS - Beef

1. Throw the fake beef strips into your frying pan or wok (If you are into stir fry at all, I do recommend getting a wok. The one I have here is non-stick :< but it was only $10 from Target. In retrospect, an non-stick one would have been a better investment. )

BS - onions

2. While the beef is starting to fry up, chop up an smallish onion, and toss that in too. Not many people know this, but the teat inducing part of the onion is located in the base. If you cut that bit out, onions become much more pleasant to deal with.

BS - hot cock sauce II
3. Now it’s time to add the hot sauce.  I’ve found that it Sriracha, unlike other hot sauces, doesn’t get mellower with cooking, so don’t use too much.


4. Ok, time to chop up and toss in the broccoli. They can go in pretty much right after the onions and hot sauce.

With every new item added, I add a bit more olive oil. That way, no ingredient soaks up all the olive oil, and I can use less.

The broccoli will start to green up as it cooks.

BS - greens

5. When everything in the pan is just about cooked for your satisfaction, it’s time for the greens. I’ve been eating spinach till it came out of my ears lately, so I picked up mustard greens as an experiment.

And it’s turned out well. Definitely adding this ingredient into regular rotation. (If you try picking some up at your local super, make sure you get the ‘flat’ leaves – he curly mustard is bitter if not boiled first.)

BS - greensAgain, adding a bit of olive oil. It might look like a lot of greens but leafy things shrink a lot as you cook them and the water is broken out. Since there’s a lot of them, the stiring has to pick up a bit, so that they all get cooked. At this point, dinner’s almost ready.

Get a bowl and you’re done.

For the love of seitan.

sshot-28We love seitan. We worship it. Each night we slave over a luke warm stove, waving spatulas and bits of broccoli over a dinged and burnt out wok. (Strictly speaking, seitan only makes the occasional, passing entrance, but it >was< a good title for a vegan recipe blog.)

This blog intends to be a set of straightforward vegan recipes with the occasional elaboration and extravagance). We are busy like you: the emphasis will be on meals so simple to make that we could blog them while we cooked, with the occasional aside when we find a nice new restaurant, bit of news, or want to discuss a particularly interesting ingredient that you we wish to bring to your attention.

It is intended for people interested in vegan cooking that are not interested in elaborate ingredient hunts at health food stores and hours and hours of preparation before each meal. And other people who like good food.

We are just getting started.

After these sausages, we’ll be right back.